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Pascagoula School District
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Pushing for Change in the Pascagoula School District
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Welcome to the Pascagoula-Gautier School District WatchDogs (PSDW). Have you been frustrated with an oppressive school district that takes over parental duties and pushes the voice of parents over to the sidelines? Are you a Student that feels like you are attending school in a prison environment? Are you a Teacher who is afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation by the Administration? We are a watchdog group seeking to make the community more aware of what is happening in our school district. Most parents just endure the tyranny until their children graduate, leaving the next generation to have to deal with the same problems. We want to change that. As a collective voice, we can make a difference and better our community through fighting for change in our school system. Everybody benefits when the school system functions better and involves the parents in a cooperative effort to educate our children. Get involved today for a better tomorrow.

Our Goal is to implement a communication mechanism between the Pascagoula School District Administration and the Parents, Teachers, and Students. Currently, the administration does not listen to feedback from individual Parents, Teachers, and Students who complain. The PSD shows no interested in implementing this mechanism contrary to what they tell us so we want to fill that gap so the voices and opinions of Parents, Teachers, and Students will be heard and then acted on.

To begin, a Contact List has been started for the PSD Administrators at the bottom of this page. You will not find this information on their official website. You can use it to email or call them, but speaking from experience, do not expect a response. I have also provided links to other neighboring School District Handbooks so we can compare our Policies with theirs. It is very surprising to see how different they are. We can use this information to push for the best policies in the State.

Plans are to meet on the first Thursday of each month at the Gautier Public Library where we will brainstorm what we need to do to better our Public Education System. Why should we be forced to put our children in private schools or move out of the District? This is our District. The PSD Administration needs to make Policies that we all agree with and they need to be held accountable for their actions.

There are plans to give a description of the structure of our District, how Gautier became a Step-Child to it, and where we can go from here. More time is needed, so check back.

Very important is the upcoming Board Trustee Election this next year (Dan Marks). This is a chance to implement some change. It was very dissapointing to see the landslide victory for the encumbant Mike Phillips this past March. Either people do not want change or something else is going on that we need to analyze. That is an important goal of this group - to inform the public of what is going on with the PSD. If people don't know there are problems and how they can help to change them with a vote, they always go with the Status-Quo. The election results were probably more of a popularity contest that was driven by the encumbant's participation in community meetings, his business's interaction with the public, and his children's popularity with other Students in the District. While all of the latter are important reflections on a person's character, they do not reflect the person's traits necessary to make a good Board Trustee for us the Parents, who makes good self reflecting personal judgements and casts his votes based on his heart when important matters arise in their council meetings. We don't want a Board Trustee to merely follow the recommendations of the Superintendent as that will yield to basically a dictatorship goverened by the will of the Superintendent. This negates the purpose of the Board which is to provide a consensus among peers to make the best decsions possible for the Parents and Students of the District. They are there for us, not the other way around.

For more information or input, please call Mark Miller at 228-218-9523.

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PSD Administrative Contacts:

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Listed below are contacts that have been collected for the Pascagoula School District. Personal home postal addresses have been omitted to protect their privacy. The names link to their official web page which in most cases provide no methods to contact them. For convenience, EMail lists have been setup so you can email all of them by using the address or email the entire board using the address You can also view a text file of their email addresses if you want to copy and paste them for your own use.

Superintendent Wayne Rodolfich    228-938-6495    EMail Wayne Rodolfich    EMail Secretary Debbie Ruemenapp

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Jerry J. Morgan    228-938-6498   EMail Jerry Morgan   EMail Secretary Barbara Jones

GHS Principal Boyd F. West    228-522-8782   EMail Boyd West

Board Trustee Dan Marks (President)    228-497-3110   EMail Dan Marks

Board Trustee Mike Phillips    228-497-0022   EMail Mike Phillips

Board Trustee Mike Concannon    228-762-2633   EMail Mike Concannon

Board Trustee Sonny Backs    228-762-8248   EMail Sonny Backs

Board Trustee Jennifer Colmer    228-762-9589   EMail Jennifer Colmer